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I am a very 'live in the moment' kind of person, which is what I think really draws me to enjoy photography and artwork. They both capture that moment, thought, memory, whatever you want to call it. I grew up constantly wishing for the future. Now, I am thankful to really appreciate and enjoy the day to day, and I want to share that with others. I want to save those moments for us all to be able to love where we are in life.

I have been creating art for years. I have dedicated the past year specifically to watercolor. I am available for commissions, private lessons, or private art parties.


Photography however, I just started. Quite the amateur. This is more for my own enjoyment, and I look forward to continue learning and gaining more experience.


As far as commissions or photo sessions go, I can be very flexible. I am willing to work with you on getting what you want. I am not in this to make a million dollars; I am just sharing my happiness in the moment with you.

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